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The Whims Jewels philosophy breaks the traditional myths of costume jewelry. Our great trajectory in this sector has led us to design a collection of high quality jewelry due to the care we dedicate to every detail and low affordable prices for our clients.

Each of our jewels is inspired by different parts of the world, we combine the tradition and characteristics of each place to create unique pieces that bring out the elegance of every corner of the world.

If you love to complement your looks with quality jewelry, let yourself be carried away by the trend of online earcuffs available in our online catalog, an earring designed for those who do not have holes in their ears.

The costume jewelry earcuffs that we offer have a long history throughout history. It is a striking and ancestral gem from ancient Egypt and India. It was in the 30s where this type of earring became one of the great fashion milestones in this sector. Its use began to fade in the 80s. Until today, it has become the favorite complement of great influencers or actresses, who like to complement their looks with the peculiarity of gold earcuffs and silver earcuffs, such as available in our online store.

This type of jewelry is a complement that more and more women are adding to their favorite jewelry box. It is ideal for those people who love to wear striking looks and with certain original touches. A design made to measure for those people who do not have holes in their ears but love the sophisticated touch that a quality jewel brings to their outfit.

Our Murray, Astoria and Tribeca collection are gold and silver earcuffs crafted with painstaking attention to detail. The use of this type of earrings is simple, you just have to tighten so that it is well attached to your ear and thus begins to dress your accessories under the beauty that hides each of the corners of the cosmopolitan and refined world.

We know that the choice of color is one of the most difficult points when choosing the best earring for your personality. From Whims Jewels we bet that our client dazzle and show off their brightest characteristics thanks to each of our accessories. As we already know, if your personality stands out for its simplicity and attention to detail, silver earcuffs will be your best option. On the other hand, gold is a color that stands out for the beauty of its silhouette and the sophistication of its details. Formerly it was linked to people of certain social relevance.

Undoubtedly, both accessories dress your outfit with charm thanks to a simple design and with certain touches of peculiarity, a peculiarity that brings out the most dazzling characteristics of each of our clients. An earring that offers a wide range of positions and placement in your ear.

At Whims Jewels we offer a wide variety of accessories in our catalog under the quality-price ratio so desired by our client. Do not miss out on this type of earring, buy your earcuffs online in our online store and start enjoying the immensity of beauty and the advantages it offers and start combining it with your favorite outfit. Get your complete now!