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Without a doubt, one of the key accessories when it comes to dressing are necklaces. For centuries, they have been one of the most recurring elements used by different cultures to combine with clothing. This is because aesthetically it greatly enhances the figure and can even give a differential value to the way of being of the person who wears it.

Today, it is still seen as a symbol of good taste. The most common today are women's necklaces, while in men it is usually more common to wear pendants or chains. At Whims Jewels we are passionate about this garment, so we take care of even the smallest detail during the manufacturing process and do everything possible to have a wide catalog that adapts to your needs, whatever they may be.

In this way, we have six different types of necklaces with which you can combine your outfit:

– Gold necklaces: the most elegant option in our entire catalog. It is a very soft material, a bright yellow color that, mixed with other metals, can acquire different shades and colors. Actually, you can combine it with almost any style, as it is a timeless and very versatile garment. Without a doubt, gold necklaces are an option that we at Whims Jewels are firmly committed to. In addition, thanks to our variety of designs we are convinced that you will find the one that best suits your style.

– Silver necklaces: like gold, it is a malleable and soft metal, so the most common thing is that they are not made of 100% silver in order to obtain greater resistance. Silver undoubtedly has enormous advantages that make it unique: it has a very characteristic precious natural shine, it is an antioxidant, it rarely produces allergic reactions and despite its beauty, it usually has quite cheap prices.

On our website you will find a multitude of 925 Sterling Silver necklaces with the most varied designs. We are specialists in silver necklaces for women, so whether it is for you or as a gift we are convinced that its acquisition will be an absolute success.

– Jewelry necklaces: it is perhaps the most economical option in our entire catalog, but it does not lose an iota of elegance or beauty. Costume jewelry usually uses a wide variety of materials, such as porcelain, cultured pearls or crystals. In addition, at Whims Jewels we add a coating of noble materials such as silver or gold (in our Paris collection for example, we add a 1 micron gold plating to all products), thus acquiring a finer style than in On many occasions, the difference between jewelry necklaces and those of other more expensive items is practically imperceptible.

If your intention is to dress in a more “informal” way but without losing the elegance and finesse that characterize you, this is your option.

– Necklaces with stones: the amount of precious and semi-precious stones that can be found around the world are practically innumerable. A gift that nature has given us without asking for anything in return, where we find all kinds of varieties in terms of colors, transparencies and textures: agates, quartz, malachite or Swarovski are just some of the options that we offer you in our extensive catalog, suitable for a wide variety of tastes and pockets.

Thanks to its versatility and its wide range of colors (emerald green, sapphire blue, pink, diamond black, etc.) it is an element that can be perfectly combined with other types of jewelry without giving a feeling of saturation. Certainly one of our favorite options when it comes to women's necklaces.

At Whims Jewels we love what we do. In every action, in every detail we put the maximum interest to achieve the best qualities and that your experience with us is pleasant, taking care of even the smallest detail. Visit our website or our networks now. Remember that we have shipments all over the world and if you buy from Andorra, Portugal or Spain, it is completely free.